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Web apps are the future of VR & AR, come join us! Be there with us “since the beginning”.

Wonderland GmbH is a German company founded with the goal of accelerating VR and AR on the web by empowering developers through fun and efficient development tools.

Wonderland Engine is the most performant development platform for WebXR, eliminating most to all optimization need in current projects and enabling a new level of complexity in VR and AR experiences for the web.

All positions are currently remote.

Engine and Tools Development - Generalist


  • Fluent in C++
  • At least basic knowledge of JavaScript
  • Software Development (Debugging, Testing, Documentation)
  • Graphics Development (GLSL, Graphics APIs, rendering methods)
  • Experience with immediate mode GUI (e.g. Dear ImGui)
  • Ideally WebAssembly (e.g. with Emscripten)
  • Experience with CMake & Git


  • Development on the Wonderland Editor
  • Implementation of various rendering methods
  • Extension of the Wonderland Engine JavaScript API

Development Productivity Manager


  • Fluent in C++
    • Understanding of compile times
  • JavaScript basics
  • Inacceptance for needlessly slow processes
  • Love configuring editors for productivity (VSCode, Visual Studio, Vim, Emacs)
  • Excellence with Git
  • Clean modern CMake
  • Basics DevOps with Gitlab CI and Docker


  • Monitor the development process to identify and improve inefficiencies
  • Monitor metrics like compile times
  • Assist developers with improving their personal workflows
  • Improve CI efficiency
  • Assist automation of various tasks

Community - Developer


  • JavaScript
  • Some Game Development Experience
  • An eye for clean and simple code styles
  • 3D Basics (e.g. Blender)
  • Video Editing
  • Ideally some experience with Wonderland Engine (optional)


  • Solve problems for the community
  • Assist bug reporting process through the Discord channel
  • Unlock the next generation of Wonderland Engine developers by helping create learning materials
  • Maintain the Youtube channel
  • Maintain the Twitter account

Business Operations and Finance


  • Financial planning, forecasting and accounting
  • Fluency in English language
  • Some experience in VR and/or AR industries


  • Supervision of: accounting and German tax filing
  • Hiring paperwork
  • Financial forecasting
  • Invoicing

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