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Our License Pricing.

Wonderland Engine’s pricing and enterprise options.

License Options

Your options for licensing Wonderland Engine.

Standard License

For anyone.

  • All features.
  • Automated builds.
  • Support on Discord.
Free up to $120k

per year

(10% royalty after).

Enterprise License

For the ambitious.

  • Seated license.
  • Custom loading screens.
  • Enterprise support available.

Enterprise Support

Accelerate development.

  • Technical support calls.
  • Training and onboarding.
  • Priorized bug fixes.
  • Dedicated VIP channel.

For OEMs and Enterprises.

Our offers for creative agencies, enterprise VR developement studios, metaverse platform providers, VR/AR/3D game studios, hardware manufacturers, and browser vendors.

Seated License

When royalty is not a fit, or you need brand clarity for your customers. Enterprise support available.
  • Use your own custom loading screen.
  • No royalties.
  • Enterprise support available.

Sponsor a Feature

Have us integrate your SDK, WebXR extension or add an engine feature.
  • Have important features sooner.
  • Optimize your workflow.

Wonderland Engine empowers you.

Profit from our highly optimized WebGL2 engine, rapid iteration workflow with Wonderland Editor and our dedication to support you with your projects.

Web Ecosystem.

Integrate with any JavaScript library, Web API, or Browser API. Deploy a single application that runs on any device including VR headset, PC and mobile.

Insane Performance.

Our highly optimized WebAssembly and WebGL2 engine allows you do more on any device. The editor optimized your loading times.

Rapid Workflow.

Package any project in less than 1 second. Changes immediately reload in the browser, even on connected mobile or VR devices. Auto-deploy changes for faster releases.

Got questions?

Get the answers to your questions about Wonderland Engine.
  • Is Wonderland Engine free?

    You may use Wonderland Engine for free to make up to 120,000 USD revenue per year from all your Wonderland Engine projects combined. Revenue beyond that threshold is subject to a 10% royalty fee.

    Alternatively, we offer seated enterprise licenses that allow you to exchange the loading screen or even white-label your projects.

  • Which Programming Language do I need to know?

    Because you can reuse components built by others, you can build basic apps without any code. Once you want to define your own custom behavior, you need to know JavaScript or TypeScript.

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