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Development Platform
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VR and AR

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Build faster.

Wonderland Editor — Windows, MacOS, Linux — enables fast iteration.

Supports GLTF, FBX and many other formats.

Add physics, animations, JavaScript components. And package to the browser in a split second.

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Already optimized.

WebAssembly and WebGL 2 for solid VR performance in the browser.

Draw calls are no limit in Wonderland.

The engine and editor do all optimization for You.

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Runtime Size

Fast loading.

The web is about low friction. With every second of load time, users jump off.

Light-weight — < 0.8 MB gzipped.

Loads Your content rapidly thanks to its optimized binary scene file format.

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Made for WebXR.

VR and AR require special care for performance and input.

Wonderland Engine is designed for VR and AR from the ground up.

Keep on Your AR headset during development.

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