Wonderland Engine Brand

Wonderland Engine brand guidelines and assets.

Wonderland Engine Brand

Brand Guidelines 

Wonderland Engine is the development platform that focuses on WebXR. It solves the challenges WebXR developers face today: performance, load times and workflow.

Wonderland Engine’s mission is to make WebXR development more fun by empowering developers to make the impossible possible.

Word Usage 

Wonderland refers to the company behind the “Wonderland Engine”.

Wonderland Engine refers to the collection of tools, editor, runtime, samples and documentation, that make up the Wonderland Engine development platform.

Wonderland Editor refers to the Wonderland Engine editor application which is installable on desktop devices.

Logo Usage 

The Wonderland Engine Logo comes in three variations: horizontal, vertical and icon. Prefer the horizontal variation where possible. If space does not allow it, use the vertical variation.

Only if it is clear from context that “Wonderland Engine” is being referred to, the icon variation may be used. This may be the case if there is associated text close by, like a URL or other label that contains the words “Wonderland Engine”.

For dark backgrounds, use the “Reversed Color” versions, for light backgrounds, use the “Full Color” versions.


The horizontal variation of the Wonderland Engine logo must always be surrounded by a minimum amount of clear space. The width and height of the padding matches that of the “o” of “Wonderland”.

Wonderland Engine Brand