Wonderland Engine’s step towards enabling more and more jawdropping project scopes for WebXR projects on the web.

This page presents a glimpse into future versions of Wonderland Engine. With an Enterprise License, you may influence our priorities!

Upcoming 1.2.0 

  • Animation Tools: Better support for animations with blending and animation events.
  • UI: Many small improvements that make a huge difference.
  • HDRI Rendering: Rendering with high-dynamic range input.
  • Global GI Probes: Support for a global specular and diffuse probe for image-based lighting.
  • Editor API: Build your own tools by extending the editor with JavaScript or TypeScript.
  • Multi-scene Support: Foundation of scene management at runtime to switch and stream levels or instantiate level pieces.
  • Morph Targets: Support for import and rendering of morph targets to deform meshes.
  • Bloom and Tone Mapping: Initial support for some post-processing effects.

1.2.1 and beyond 

  • Extended JavaScript Parameters: Support for arrays, vector, and object types for JavaScript component properties.
  • Multi-scene Tools: Easily manage multiple scenes in the editor.
  • Extension of Editor API: Continuous extension of the Editor API to allow more and more use cases.
  • Audio Resource Management: Allow managing audio files and encode them to various formats.
  • Post-processing Improvements: More post-processing effects.