Byte-sized knowledge.

Learn from our library of official mini-tutorials.

Handling 3D Cursor Clicks

How to run JavaScript when an object is clicked with the 3D cursor (VR, AR & 3D).

How to build XR-only Components

How to make components only activate during XR sessions.

Streaming .bin files at Runtime

Loading Wonderland Engine .bin files at runtime.

Switching Scenes

How to switch scenes to load different levels or parts of a world.

Writing Components in Typescript

How to set up Typescript for use in custom components.

Writing JavaScript Libraries

Tutorial on creating your own JavaScript libraries for Wonderland Engine.

Exporting Wonderland Engine Mesh as OBJ file

How to export Wonderland Engine Mesh as OBJ for debugging runtime generated meshes.

Rendering Simplified Chinese Characters

How to set up text rendering for Simplified Chinese fonts.

Background Effect

How to render sky, background images, and gradients.

Exporting Models from Blender

Exporting GLB files from Blender for import in the Wonderland Editor.

Introduction to Texture Atlasses

How to use texture atlasses, when and how to increase or decrease their sizes.

Loading GLTF/GLB at Runtime

How to load GLTF or GLB files at runtime from URLs.

Changing Material Properties at Runtime

Changing material properties at runtime with JavaScript for interaction or animation.

Setup an NPM Project

How to set up an NPM project for your Wonderland Engine project.


Byte-sized knowledge.

Create a Texture with Canvas2D

Painting your own textures at runtime with JavaScript Canvas.

Spawning Objects at Runtime

How to create objects in JavaScript.