Switching Scenes

Once your game reaches a certain size, you will want to start switching between scenes. That might be switching from a intro or menu to the game or from one level to another.

The most important function to know here is engine.scene.load(), which will replace the current scene with a .bin filename or URL you pass it for loading.

This could be an example of a component that switches to another scene after a certain amount of time:

 1import {Component, Property} from '@wonderlandengine/api';
 3export class LoadAfterDelay extends Component {
 4    static TypeName = 'load-after-delay';
 5    static Properties = {
 6        sceneFile: Property.string("AnotherScene.bin"),
 7        delaySeconds: Property.float(10),
 8    };
10    start() {
11        setTimeout(() => {
12            this.engine.scene.load(this.sceneFile);
13        }, this.delaySeconds*1000);
14    }

Preloading Scenes 

While the scene will keep running while the next is loading, it will still cause a delay between when the load was initiated and the next scene appearing for the user.

To minimize this scene, you can put the following HTML tags into the <head> or your index.html:

1  <!-- not needed <link rel="preload" href="First.bin" ...> -->
2  <link rel="preload" href="Next.bin" as="fetch" crossorigin async>
3  <link rel="preload" href="Last.bin" as="fetch" crossorigin async>

You can also add these tags dynamically via JavaScript.


Loading a scene will not clear event listeners automatically. This includes event listeners on DOM elements and callbacks added to emitters. You are responsible for removing event listeners. It is best practice to do this in onDeactivate of your component.

onDeactivate is called before onDestroy. Both are called when a scene is unloaded.

 1  keyUpHandler = e => { /* ... */ };
 3  onActivate() { /* or start() */
 4    this.engine.canvas.addEventListener('keyup', this.keyUpHandler);
 5  }
 7  onDeactivate() {
 8      /* Remove listener for scene reloads, otherwise keypress is
 9       * handled multiple times or handled in the next scene also */
10      this.engine.canvas.removeEventListener('keyup', keyUpHandler);
11  }