Background Effect

This tutorial shows multiple ways to display a background in Wonderland Engine:

3D Background 


Sky rendering has been there since the early games. It gives a sense of depth and virtually increases the size of the world to the player’s eye.

There are many techniques to render sky:

  • Atmosphere rendering
  • Cubemap image (also called “Skybox”)
  • Equirectangular image

Currently, Wonderland Engine only supports the latter.

Equirectangular image 

An equirectangular image is obtained by projecting a 360 degree image onto a flat surface. It has an aspect ratio of 2:1, so the width is twice as large as the height.

Below is an example of what an equirectangular looks like:

Background Effect

Let’s see how we can create a sky in Wonderland Engine!


First, import your equirectangular image: drag’n’drop the file from a folder into the editor’s Assets Browser, then drag’n’drop the image from there into the Scene view to create a texture for it.

If you don’t have an equirectangular image, find some free options in the resources list below.


Create a material to render the sky texture:

  • Go to Views > Resources
  • Select the Materials tab
  • On the upper right, click Create
  • Double-click the name to rename it (optional)
  • Select Sky in the dropdown in the pipeline column

You will end up with a resources list that looks like that:

Background Effect

Render Settings 

We can now link the sky material to the sky renderer:

  • Go to Views > Project Settings
  • Scroll to Rendering and open the section
  • Scroll to Sky and click on enabled
  • Assign the sky material to the material dropdown
  • Set the texture property to the sky texture

Background Effect


Besides using a texture, you can also use two and four color-stop gradients.

Update the Sky pipeline and toggle on the GRADIENT or GRADIENT_4_STOPS features.

Once the pipeline is updated, edit the sky material colorStop properties:

Background Effect

2D Background 

Wonderland Engine also supports 2-dimensional background images and gradients.

To use it, change the shader property of the Sky pipeline to Background to render in 2D.

In 2D, the textures / gradients will be displayed identically no matter where the camera is looking at:

Background Effect
Background Effect


Here is a non-exhaustive list of websites with free equirectangular images: