Release 1.2.2

Release 1.2.2

Most notably brings significant stability for destroying objects, but also many other smaller fixes and useful additions to the Editor plugin API.



  • SceneView: Add orthographic projection mode and grid
    Release 1.2.2
  • AssetBrowser: Fix plugin template not using CamelCase
  • Add packageUnusedAnimations options in projects settings, disabled to skip unused animations
  • Fix various issues when running external shell commands on windows, e.g. creation of 1.2.0 file in project directory
  • Fix styling of custom plugin views
  • Fix rare issue with api upgrade notification popup not resizing
  • Overwriting a project now removes the .editor folder
  • Optimize data access performance

Editor API

  • Add project module to access project paths


  • Add support for orthographic projection
  • Fix non-power-of-two image alignment issue in virtual texture atlases causing crashes and tile aliasing

JavaScript/TypeScript API

  • Fix various issues related to destroying objects
  • Add API to access root motion handling and callbacks
  • Add Object3D.addChild()
Last Update: July 1, 2024

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