Release 1.1.5

Release 1.1.5

Some bugfixes for streamable .bin files and support for navigator.xr.offerSession.



  • Added “Translate” option in context menu of translatable fields in the editor to easily disable translation.
  • Reduced amount of warnings and errors when texture atlas size is insufficient.
  • Fixed automatic browser reloading broken for projects without deploy folder.
  • Added Reload buffer delay preference to control the delay between file change and browser reload.
  • AssetBrowser: Now setting working directory of applications launched via double-click on files to project root.
  • AssetBrowser: Removed init() and onRegister() in default component templates.


  • Added ability to start physx components in sleeping state.


  • Fixed null object, mesh, skin, animation, material and texture parameters incorrect for appended .bin files.
  • Replaced runtime assert for insufficient atlas size with clear error messages.
  • Added support for navigator.xr.offserSession.

JavaScript/TypeScript API

  • Fixed updates to PhysXComponent.groupsMask and PhysXComponent.blocksMask not taking immediate effect.
  • Fixed updates to PhysXComponent.linearLockAxis and PhysXComponent.angularLockAxis not taking immediate effect.
  • Add PhysXComponent.sleepOnActivate
  • Emitter.remove() and Emitter.add() called from callbacks added to the same emitter will now only take effect after Emitter.notify() has completed.
Last Update: December 15, 2023

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