Release 1.1.3

Release 1.1.3

This release makes streaming .bin files even more powerful. And brings lots of bug fixes and UX improvements.



  • Fixed undo in rare cases recreating an object that should be deleted.
  • Fixed crash when undoing creating a pipeline.
  • Removed obsolete default JavaScript libraries from editor root “js” folder. Please use npm to install gl-matrix or howler.
  • Fixed crash when adding object to collapsed object in Scene Outline.
  • Fixed crash when attempting to compile PhysX mesh from empty or invalid meshes.
  • Added esbuildFlagsEditor project setting to control editor bundle compilation.
  • Made Scene Outline scroll to selected objects.
  • Resetting fields to default values can now be undone.
  • Added missing context menu for various settings fields.


  • Fixed invalid id value on first runtime loaded texture.
  • Fixed collision component shape visualization at runtime.
  • Fixed crash when loading a scene without physics simulation after a scene with physics.
  • Fixed textures of runtime loaded GLTF/GLB files sometimes incorrect.
  • Fixed adding lights at runtime sometimes causing corruption of other lights.


  • Added support for animation, physx, view, input and text components in streamable .bin files.

JavaScript/TypeScript API

  • Added Scene.findByName, Scene.findByNameDirect and Scene.findByNameRecursive.
Last Update: November 11, 2023

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