Release 1.1.2

Release 1.1.2

This release brings further important bug fixes and UX improvements.



  • F key to focus an object now includes children. Use Shift + F to focus only the object itself.
  • Added “Expand All” and “Collapse All” buttons to Scene Outline.
  • Fixed crash when custom texture material property is not aligned.
  • Added experimental “packageUnusedMeshes” option in Project Settings.
  • Select objects after duplication with hotkeys in Scene Outline.
  • Projects opened with --windowless flag no longer get added to recent projects list.
  • Fixed context menu missing on resource selection drop-downs.


  • Fixed rare bug where updating text component text would render incorrect text


  • Fixed runtime crash when using the WebXR Emulator extension.
  • Fixed a race condition during scene switch that caused wrong textures to be streamed.
  • Fixed computation of stereo view framebuffer size leading to GL errors when using the WebXR Emulator extension.
  • Fixed skin joints when appending .bin files.
  • Fixed crash when loading GLTF file with skins.
  • scene.append() promise now returns before appended content is rendered.

JavaScript/TypeScript API

  • Added exception when using new features of JavaScript API with older runtime that does not support it.
Last Update: October 13, 2023

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