Release 1.1.1

Release 1.1.1

New APIs for JavaScript and TypeScript to support bug fixing and Object3D.clone() to unlock new use cases.

Destruction Safety 

Previously it was possible, but prohibited, to access destroyed objects. If you did so anyway, you would encounter a wide range of errors. With this version we provide clear errors when accessing destroyed Object3D. , Texture. and custom Component. instances, when switched on:

1engine.erasePrototypeOnDestroy = true;
3const obj = engine.scene.addObject(); = 'iamalive';
5console.log(; // Prints 'iamalive'
8console.log(; // Throws an error

This behavior is going to be enabled by default starting with 1.2.0.



  • Added “pending auth” text for connected Android devices that need to authenticate USB debugging
  • Added a checkbox for launching https://localhost when SSL certificates are set up
  • Added offset rotation and translation properties to physx component
  • Added support for dropping multiple files from Asset Browser for import
  • Exposed texture streaming settings for control over texture streaming performance budgets
  • Fixed Command + S switching to scaling Gizmo on MacOS
  • Fixed DPI scaling not updating when UI scaling changes on windows
  • Fixed DPI scaling not updating when moving the Editor to a Retina display
  • Fixed a crash when encountering a JSON parsing error in a package.json in node_modules
  • Fixed crash when changing material property type in a custom shader
  • Fixed project’s id generator type not being applied for resources created during project load
  • Made quick launch to Wolvic Browser agnostic of connected headset manufacturer


  • Now skipping rendering to empty views (fixes issue with WebXR Emulator Browser extensions)
  • Added support for PhysX shape “local pose” via offset transform


  • Fixed various rendering errors related to unusual view setups and active states
  • Now resuming window.requestAnimationFrame() after XR session ended (workaround for issue with WebXR Emulator Browser extensions)

JavaScript/TypeScript API

Last Update: September 22, 2023

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