Release 1.0.4

Release 1.0.4

We continue to focus on stability and workflow improvements.

FBX and OBJ Import 

This release includes a full rewrite of our FBX and OBJ file format import, which are now based on ufbx. .fbx file import is now significantly more robust. It imports with correct scaling and cleaner object hierarchy. Wonderland Editor can now easily import many more different .obj files.

Previously imported files are imported with the previous import code to avoid changes to the object hierarchy in existing projects.



  • Rewrote FBX import
  • Rewrote OBJ import
  • Asset Browser: Fixed issues with parent folder .. entry
  • Asset Browser: Added “Open In Explorer” to context menu on empty file area
  • Scene View: Fixed crash when selecting simulated object during simulation preview
  • Scene View: Fixed gizmo sometimes shifting on selection
  • Preferences: Added preference for autoNpmInstall
  • Resources: Fixed Image resource maxSize property changes not reflected in UI
  • Fixed crash when resizing image that was converted from incompatible pixel format
  • Fixed rare crash when packaging for code changes


  • Fixed center of mass for dynamic rigid body physx components
  • Fixed mass on physx components sometimes not being applied

JavaScript/TypeScript API

  • TextComponent.text will now call .toString() on passed values
  • Fixed types of Object3D.getComponents() for native component types
  • Fixed runtime catching some exceptions during component initialization


  • player-height: Fixed incorrect use of reference space
  • wasd-controls: Added lockY property to lock movement to XZ plane
Last Update: June 24, 2023

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