Release 1.0.1

Release 1.0.1

We have improved our development processes to allow for a faster patch release schedule. This allows us to bring you bugfixes and improvements much faster.

Any 1.0.x version of the @wonderlandengine/api and @wonderlandengine/api packages is compatible with this release of the editor.



  • Added Browser selection dropdown for quick launch to device
  • Fixed editor sometimes not bundling on JavaScript file change
  • Fixed JSON serialization for projects when encountering infinity or NaN
  • Fixed launching of default browser being broken for some Android phones
  • Fixed rare crash when editing some text input fields


  • Fixed a quaternion not normalized assert in physics evaluation

JavaScript API

  • Fixed “MutableStringArrayView” assertion after using Scene.reserveObjects()
  • Fixed potential texture swap on very first material loaded with Scene.append()


  • cursor: Fixed problems with VR and desktop cursor emitting too many events
Last Update: May 7, 2023

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