Release 0.9.5

Release 0.9.5

Initial support from loading extension from GLTF files at runtime, enabling support for VRM avatars and important hot-fixes for the last version.



  • Fixed packaging sometimes reporting “Success” in cases when it failed
  • Fixed project fragment shaders no longer overriding editor fragment shaders
  • Fixed Profile View client selection with multiple clients
  • Fixed generated project directory name in Project Wizard when project name contains ‘-’
  • Fixed web server warnings and errors not logged
  • Fixed some packaging log output not shown in log files or console
  • Split “transformation” into “translation”, “rotation” and “scale” properties
  • Added doubling of editor camera movement with shift key
  • Added loading of files via drag-and-drop into the resources view
  • Added support for Dingbats (U+2700) unicode block in console

JavaScript API

  • Added support for loading root, node and mesh extensions from GLTF files loaded at runtime using WL.scene.append()
  • Made WL.arSupported and WL.vrSupported always boolean
  • Fixed various issues with incorrect components returned, WL.scene.rayCast() and CollisionComponents.queryOverlap sometimes returning incorrect objects


  • vrm: Add component to load VRM 1.0 avatars
Last Update: December 12, 2022

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