Release 0.9.4

Release 0.9.4

Tons of editor optimizations, UX improvements, bug fixes and many more utilities that enable entire new workflows and more polished experiences.

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  • Added support for multiple fonts: fonts are now resources and found in Views > Resources > Fonts
    Release 0.9.4
  • Added simplified Chinese characters rendering in the editor
  • Added --import CLI argument to import a scene file after loading a project
  • Added thumbnails to resource selection dropdowns
  • Added search field to resource selection dropdowns
    Release 0.9.4
  • Added minimum and maximum values to many float and int input fields throughout the editor
  • Improved resource consumption when Scene view is not visible
  • Fixed joint objects not returning to original transforms after animation is disabled or no longer previewed
  • Fixed Profile view graph range sometimes snapping to infinitely small frame range when view is open before runtime connects
  • Fixed texture atlas debug view not visible when enabled
  • Optimized loading of scenes with many meshes
  • Optimized loading of compressed image cache
  • Fixed crash when adding after deleting a mesh on the “Empty” project template
  • Added documentation links for native components also
  • Made camera fly mode in scene view smooth
  • Implemented import of emissive textures
  • Improved loading of alpha masked textures by automatically choosing Foliage pipeline
  • Improved conversion of PBR material properties to Phong shininess parameter
  • Added import of emissive color for Physical materials
  • Fixed “Pasted JSON is not a JSON object” warning when copying values in Resources view
  • Fixed alphaMaskThreshold Material property missing
  • Fixed crash when Scene view is resized too small
  • Fixed offline mode sometimes not activating
  • Disabled ALPHA_MASK feature for “Phong Opaque Textured” and “Flat Opaque Textured” as default for future projects
  • Enabled castShadow for “Phong Opaque Textured” and “Flat Opaque Textured” by default


  • Implemented multi-font rendering
  • Added support for emissive textures on Phong and Physical shaders
  • Removed obsolete ALPHA feature on Phong and Physical shaders


  • Fixed cursor sometimes not working for touch events on default index.html template
  • Fixed 404 warning in console for f0.png

JavaScript API

  • Added experimental API for component classes
  • Fixed Material color properties returning single value instead of array
  • Fixed alphaMaskThreshold Material property not settable


  • video: delay auto-play until user gesture to comply with browser policies
Last Update: November 22, 2022

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