Release 0.9.3

Release 0.9.3

This release brings a powerful overdraw visualization to the editor and runtime to help diagnose performance issues from overlapping triangles.

We also release further UX improvements and even more stability for latest features.



  • Added “Overdraw Visualization” in Scene View
  • Added shadow cascade count setting for sun lights
  • Fixed up/down keys on Scene Outline causing jumping of selection
  • Fixed crash when reparenting to a child of the reparented object
  • Fixed reparenting of multiple objects to root
  • Fixed texture streaming artefacts on non-power-of-two textures
  • Fixed dhParamsFile preference not loaded correctly
  • Fixed “Save changes?” dialog not closing
  • Fixed expansion of hierarchies in Scene Outline to reveal selected object
  • Fixed uncompressed atlas size drowdown showing options only available for compressed atlas
  • Fixed rare cases of font sizes not correct on high DPI displays


  • Implemented variable cascade counts for sun lights
  • Fixed normals and normal mapping on doubleSided Phong and Physical shaders
  • Fixed some color bleeding artefacts on uncompressed textures
  • Fixed artefacts in rendering of sun light shadows on Meta Quest 2


  • Added version number during loading screen (mouse over bottom right corner to unveil)
  • Fixed mouse clicks blocked by VR button on lower part of canvas
  • Fixed loading of shininess property
  • Fixed texture streaming issues when switching scene to another .bin files
  • Added overdraw visualization at runtime
  • Fixed rare runtime crash on material change in JavaScript events outside of the draw loop

JavaScript API

  • Fix WL.Object.children limited to 512 objects
Last Update: October 12, 2022

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