Release 0.9.1

Release 0.9.1

This release brings bugfixes and UX improvements for 0.9.0.



  • Improved speed of texture compression and cache loading by almost 10x
  • Added a hint for update availability in Project Wizard
  • Fixed missing on ubuntu
  • Fixed crash when changing Project Settings > Rendering > fontCharacters
  • Added “castShadow” property to pipelines
  • Fixed editor not shutting down when there are open tabs accessing the web server
  • Fixed material unlinking option not showing up for the right materials
  • Fixed crash when pressing DEL key without a selected object
  • MacOS: Fixed Gatekeeper error when installing Wonderland Engine


  • Fixed Physical shader when normal mapping enabled
  • Fixed crash when using too large or zero-sized materials

Shader API

  • Fixed viewPositionWorld not available despite USE_VIEW_POSITION defined


  • player-height: Moved into it’s own player-height.js (out of teleport.js)
Last Update: September 6, 2022

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