Release 0.8.9

Release 0.8.9

This release features many bugfixes, some UX improvements and optimizations, especially a couple more significant but still experimental techniques.

We also released native support for Apple Silicon (e.g. M1) chips, fixed quite a few MacOS specific issues and made Wonderland Engine easier to install for Mac users.

Many thanks to our partners at playko, who sponsored features and bugfixes in this release.



  • Added support for Apple Silicon chips on MacOS
  • Fixed various crashes and rendering issues on MacOS
  • Added orbit camera controls in Scene View (hold middle mouse button)
  • Inverted default mouse panning sensitivity in Scene View
  • Fixed negative mouse sensitivity not inverting mouse look for the fly camera
  • Fixed “Duplicate Hierarchy” not duplicating last object in hierarchy.
  • Fixed skinning on Intel UHD/HD Graphics drivers
  • Fixed crash when removing the last remaining resource in Resources tables
  • Fixed undo of skin duplication
  • Fixed inconsistent behaviour in pipeline features
  • Added uvs to default cube
  • Added tangents to default primitive meshes
  • Updated basis compressor yielding faster and better compression
  • Added display and ovrPackageName setting for the manifest.json template for PWAs
  • Added search bars to Resources tables and froze headers to not scroll
  • Improved mesh thumbnail rendering
  • Removed blend equation values not supported in WebGL in Pipelines


  • Improved binary size of runtime for all runtimes and especially when using runtime GLTF loading
  • Improved runtime GLTF loading performance
  • Fixed crash with uneven amounts of PhysX trigger shapes
  • Renamed service worker cache key
  • Fixed .map files being precached
  • Removed support for PVRTC as ASTC is always available on iOS
  • Removed unused compilation of “TextureAtlasCopyShader”
  • Optimized texture uploads


  • Added experimental multi draw support
  • Added experimental culling optimization for use with multi draw
  • Added experimental optional Pre-Z pass support
  • Implemented new powerful optimizations for skin rendering sponsored
  • Fixed crash when rendering more than 62 skins sponsored
  • Fixed skinning with secondary joint ids and weights
  • Fixed PhysX errors when deltaTime is zero


  • Fixed minor working/grammar mistakes in documentation
  • Fixed collision callbacks with PhysX trigger shapes
  • Added WL.CollisionEventType.TriggerTouch and WL.CollisionEventType.TriggerTouchLost


  • cursor: Fixed callbacks and event listeners not removed when switching scenes
Last Update: February 11, 2022

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