Release 0.8.7

Release 0.8.7

This release features thumbnails for the Asset Browser and for mesh, image and material resources. Further powerful workflow improvements like copy and pasting for any component properties and transformations make you even faster.

This release also brings a number of important rendering fixes for Oculus Quest and lots of stability to the editor.

Many thanks to our partners at playko, who sponsored features and bugfixes in this release.



  • Added thumbnails for mesh, material and image resources
  • Added image file thumbnails in Asset Browser
  • Added copy and pasting for component values and settings
  • Added log files for easier sharing of issues
  • Fixed rare crash when packaging through CLI
  • Fixed scale snapping not changeable
  • Fixed textures not showing up after drag and drop of image files onto texture slot
  • Improved performance of meshes resource table in Resources View
  • Added delete option for meshes in Resources View
  • Fixed parent of imported objects sometimes not saved
  • Switch to Euler representation as default for rotation
  • Fixed high CPU usage while minified
  • Fixed unskinned meshes invisible if skin set on the component
  • Fixed crash when deleting input components
  • Added Google Analytics settings in Project Settings
  • Optimized project loading times
  • Added name popup when creating JavaScript component in Asset Browser
  • Added DEL key for deleting files in Asset Browser
  • Removed superfluous files in MacOS bundle
  • Fixed crash on MacOS when using templates
  • Added project setting to change PhysX tolerance scales
  • Clarified deletion of resources sponsored
  • Updated V8 to a recent version for Ubuntu, fixing rare issues parsing JavaScript sponsored
  • Added resource ids for resource selection drop downs sponsored


  • Fixed collision visualization
  • Clear runtime images on scene load
  • Added template parts for Google Analytics
  • Fixed crash when deactivating/activating input components sponsored
  • Fixed a rare crash on scene load sponsored


  • Fixed normals in Phong shader incorrect with scaling
  • Fixed incorrect textures displayed on Oculus Quest 1 / Oculus Quest 2 for some projects
  • Fixed texture atlas minimal size sometimes larger than 2048x2048
  • Made skinned meshes only follow sketelon transforms
  • Fixed scaling on skinned meshes
  • Fix reparenting under rare circumstances causing objects to swap transforms


  • Added experimental _WL._deactivate_component_on_error. Set to true to avoid spamming error messages after first error in update() of custom components sponsored
  • Fixed WL.Mesh.vertexData returning too small arrays sponsored
  • Added WL.Object.rotationLocal and WL.Object.rotationWorld
  • Added WL.Object.scalingLocal and WL.Object.scalingWorld
  • Fixed set WL.Object.transformWorld incorrect with scaling
  • Fixed WL.Object.lookAt() sponsored


  • hand-tracking: Propertly respect WebXR.refSpace
  • hand-tracking: Fix performance of switching to controller models
  • cursor/cursor-target: Added addUpFunction, addDownFunction, addMoveFunction (Open-Source contribution by @rafern)
Last Update: August 10, 2021

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