Release 0.8.6

Release 0.8.6

Major stability overhaul, as well as skinning and animation import for FBX files, significant performance optimizations in both editor and runtime and small but powerful workflow improvements.

Many thanks to our partners at playko, who sponsored features in this release.



  • Added support for animation import from FBX files
  • Added support for skinned meshes import from FBX files
  • Added support for retargetting non-skin animations to skins
  • Added visualization for sun lights sponsored
  • Added option to disable collision component visualization
  • Added fallback for when authentication servers are unavailable
  • Fixed some images referenced in FBX files not loaded on non-Windows platforms sponsored
  • Fixed occasional crash during “Add Object”
  • Fixed occasional crash during reparent
  • Fixed various crashes when trying to parse invalid JavaScript components
  • Fixed object debug visualization hidden by meshes
  • Fixed bundle not being rebuilt after switching bundler
  • Fixed scaling gizmo with multiselect or parents
  • Fixed crashes in packaging after changing material pipelines
  • Fixed crash on Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Click to snap object transform to another
  • Fixed crash when saving JavaScript file while packaging
  • Fixed crash when imported scene or image files are changed
  • Fixed crash when changing PhysX collision group names
  • Fixed crash when duplicating material in resources view
  • Fixed crash when parenting objects to another selected object
  • Fixed ids and PhysX component data being packaged despite unused
  • Fixed other textures switching image on import of new image
  • Fixed import of objects with empty names
  • Fixed image file drag drop taking long to load
  • Fixed occasional crash when switching projects while compressing textures
  • Added image file drag drop onto texture previews in material properties
  • Added warning about existing projects in project wizard
  • Fixed project files not overwritten if same name is chosen
  • Optimized performance of Scene Outline with many objects
  • Optimized Scene View rendering
  • Improved contrast on checkboxes
  • Improved editor near default
  • Added truncation of floating point decimal places in project files for better diffs on source control
  • Fixed crash when compiling certain images, especially on CI
  • Fixed shaders not being recompiled after adding a light component


  • Fixed potential crash when loading animations
  • Fixed explosion of memory usage in apps that spawn many meshes


  • Fixed access of non-existent mips on mip mapped compressed atlas
  • Optimized skinning updates


  • Added experimental WL.Math.cubicHermite for vector3 and quaternion splines sponsored


  • cursor: Fixed tap on Cardboard
  • two-joint-ik-solver: Added inital component for ellbow and knee inverse kinematics sponsored
  • fixed-foveation: Added initial component to enable fixed foveated rendering on devices that support it

Docker Image

  • Added wonderlandengine/editor:0.8.6-node, edge-node and latest-node with preinstalled node
Last Update: July 10, 2021

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