Release 0.8.4

Release 0.8.4

Further bugfixes and performance improvements, especially when working with Physics.

Some significant improvements to the Skinning method allow rendering more skinned meshes, as well as duplicating and retargetting skins.



  • Added soft reloading to allow active WebXR sessions to be preserved (Disable “force full page reload” in Views > Preferences)
  • Added icons for joint objects
  • Added error when using parameter names that conflict with built-in properties
  • Added “Copy Hierarchies” and “Duplicate Hierarchies” in Scene Outline
  • Fixed Ctrl + D sometimes duplicating twice
  • Added support for skinned meshes in copy, paste and duplicate
  • Added support for retargeting to skins on animation components
  • Fixed crash when entering 0, 0, 0, 0 for quaternions in Properties View
  • Added Euler rotation display in Properties View
  • Added automatic packaging on headset activation
  • Fixed physics visualization only enabled after first simulate
  • Fixed physics visualization not resetting after simulate ended
  • Added Alt + S shortcut to simulate physics in Scene View
  • Added linear and angular axis locking properties to dynamic rigidbody physx components
  • Added project setting to specify characters to be available for text rendering
  • Improved Mesh Visualization rendering mode in Scene View


  • Switched to a more scalable method for skinning
  • Fixed kinematic property on PhysX components sometimes not taking effect
  • Fixed rare crash when deactivating a mesh component


  • Fixed rare crash while loading animations
  • Improved performance of physics simulation


  • Fixed new WL.Mesh({indexData: ..., vertexData: ..., indexType: ...}) constructor
  • Added exception handling for start() / init() when called through WL.Object.addComponent()
  • Ensured update() is not called before start() / init()
  • Ensured start() is always called
  • Added WL.Animation.retarget(WL.Skin)
  • Made WL.AnimationComponent.animation no longer automatically retarget animations
  • Added experimental WL.Scene.load() for loading .bin files

JavaScript Components

  • Fixed hand-tracking with skinned hand meshes for display
  • Fixed regression: cursor double clicking in VR
Last Update: April 5, 2021

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