Release 0.8.3

Release 0.8.3

Important bugfixes and workflow improvements, especially for Microsoft Hololens developers.

SSL support in the Wonderland Editor’s web server allows building WebXR pages by pointing a domain to a local IP address. This enables Wonderland Engine’s full rapid development flow including auto reloading and profiling on Microsoft Hololens.

For SharedArrayBuffer support, Wonderland Engine’s web server now cross-origin isolates web pages. This allows local development with a WebAssembly Threads enabled runtime even after deprecation in Chrome Desktop for non-cross origin isolated pages (ends with version 91 / May 2021), and also on Android Chrome 88+ and Firefox 79+.



  • Added SSL support to the web server (enable via Views > Preferences > Server)
    • This allows WebXR development through domains when forwarding
  • Added mouse sensitivity options (in Views > Preferences > Editor)
  • Added drag-and-drop support for components to other objects in Scene Outline
  • Added cross origin isolation headers for web server responses
    • This allows WebAssembly Threads support in upcoming Chrome versions
  • Added option to set the web server’s preferred port (Views > Project Settings > Editor)
  • Fixed error during packaging when creating new project from default scene
  • Fixed webserver binding to used ports - now properly searches for unused ports
  • Fixed text components not updated after font or fontSize changed
  • Fixed text components text property hard-limited to 64 characters
  • Fixed crash when opening component menu of missing components
  • Fixed crashes with auto packaging enabled when components turn missing due to parse errors


  • Fixed connection to editor on non-localhost:8080
  • Fixed text still rendering after component set to inactive via JavaScript
  • Added automatic disabling of threaded runtime if page is not cross origin isolated


  • Fixed some JSDoc links
  • Fixed getter for WL.Material properties returning incorrect types

JS Components

  • cursor: Added support for WebXR immersive-ar touch input
Last Update: March 16, 2021

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