Release 0.8.2

Release 0.8.2

Significant runtime download size optimizations, workflow improvements, better profiling, bug fixes and JavaScript API additions.



  • Added compilation of fonts to image with binary metadata
  • Added support for uncompressed textures
  • Added context menus to Resources View for deleting resources with missing links
  • Added context menu entry for duplicating materials in Resources View
  • Greatly improved Profile View and added more profiled sections
  • Added experimental --benchmark CLI argument to launch browser and average 10 seconds of profiling data
  • Fixed crash when using more than 64 textures
  • Changed errors when script paths don’t exist to warnings
  • Intel HD Graphics drivers: Fixed a rendering issue when using a single light source
  • Windows: Fixed mesh optimizer not loaded


  • Further reduced runtime .wasm sizes (-500kB), improving pre-loading screen loading time
  • Now calculating texture limit based on WebGL limits
  • Added more sections to profiler
  • Fixed xrSessionStart callbacks being called too early after scene is loaded with running WebXR session
  • Fixed scrollbar on default template
  • Added support for uncompressed textures
  • Removed support for direct font loading

Docker Image

  • Fix rare crash on Job System shutdown


  • Fixed billinear texture sampling
  • Performance improvements for tiled GPUs (mobile GPUs, Oculus Quest)


  • Fixed WL.InputComponent.xrInputSource always returning null
  • Added WL.Object.lookAt()
  • Added WL.Object.resetTranslation() and WL.Object.resetRotation()
  • Added WL.Object.translateWorld() and WL.Object.translateObject() to translate in world and object space
  • Added (experimental) WL.scene.addObjects() for batch adding objects
  • Added (experimental) WL.Animation.retarget() and WL.Animation.trackCount
Last Update: March 11, 2021

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