Release 0.8.10

Release 0.8.10

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This release brings high stability with many bugfixes, and big improvements to asset import, powerful UX improvements and many optimizations.

We also restored MacOS support back until OSX 10.13 Catalina.

See the full changelog below.

New UX for adding components



  • Restored support for older MacOS versions (up to 10.13 - Catalina)
  • Allow generating new resources ids as UUIDs to avoid source control conflicts
  • Added conversion of currently unsupported image pixel formats to 8-bit
  • Added import of various less commonly used mesh attribute formats
  • Added generating normals for meshes that imported without
  • Improved handling of unsupported data on import
  • Added “New Folder” option in files area of AssetBrowser
  • Added “Rename” and “Delete” options for folders in files area of AssetBrowser
  • Replaced manual mesh data settings with automatic detection from pipelines
  • Fixed reparenting of multiple objects in larger projects
  • Fixed text not rendering initially after opening a project
  • Fixed PWA icon sometimes not compiled
  • Fixed scrambled meshes when switching “Project Settings > Rendering > useMultiDraw”
  • Disabled “Project Settings > Rendering > useMultiDraw” by default
  • Fixed crash when importing mesh with incomplete final triangle
  • Fixed crash when opening projects with custom shaders
  • Fixed crash when switching the shader of a pipeline
  • Fixed crashes when switching projects
  • Fixed crash when importing scene files while compressing textures
  • Fixed crash when failing texture compression using pink warning texture
  • Fixed crash when creating project with AR template
  • Fixed double-click on recent project in Project Wizard not closing the window
  • Fixed flat materials not importing as “Flat Opaque”
  • Fixed some rendering issues with alpha and usePreZ enabled
  • Clarified UX around allowSimulation and trigger of physx components
  • Improved overall UI contrast
  • Fixed many UI small layout issues in Resources View
  • Added search field to Pipeline tab of Resources View
  • Fixed PhysX visualization not showing until simulation is enabled
  • Redesigned “Add Component” UX and added search field
  • Improved compression of meshes
  • Fixed adding point light to scene with sun light switching off point light
  • Fixed moving components to other objects via drag and drop
  • Fixed right-click on files in Asset Browser not selecting file
  • Fixed experimental bloom filter broken in browsers
  • Fixed missing .so on Ubuntu
  • Added setting for main view in Project Settings


  • Fixed potential crashes due to incorrect allocations for object names
  • Fixed rare issues with alpha on materials when switching scene
  • Fixed exception when trying to extend Array type with custom methods
  • Fixed crash when loading .gltf/.glb file when Phong is not packaged
  • Fixed flat materials not importing as “Flat Opaque” for runtime loaded .gltf/.glb
  • Fixed some rendering issues with alpha and usePreZ enabled
  • Fixed black screen when entering VR session before loading screen is shown
  • Optimized loading of embedded image data in .gltf/.glb files loaded at runtime
  • Made VR and AR buttons only show up uonce WebXR support is known
  • Made VR and AR dim if not supported


  • Various smaller CPU side optimizations
  • Various GPU side optimizations for vertex shading and Skinning
  • Disabled lights no longer get shaded with black color, their shading cost is removed
  • Fixed various issues with enabling, disabling and switching type of light components
  • Fixed a rare Skinning edge case causing vertices to spike during animation
  • Stabilized initial physics states
  • Added animation speed control
  • Fixed Phong shader when normal mapping enabled, but no normal texture set
  • Fixed bilinear filtering on lower mips when using mipmapping
  • Increased texture count limit from 256 to 512


  • Removed assertions when using inactive WL.PhysXComponent
  • Added WL.PhysXComponent.removeCollisionCallback() and made WL.PhysXComponent.onCollision() return a callback id
  • Added WL.PhysXComponent.shapeData to enable cloning physx components that use Shape.TriangleMesh or Shape.ConvexHull
  • Made WL.Object.addComponent(type, params) accept other components for params
  • Fixed skinned meshes disappearing when assigning materials
  • Added experimental WL.scene.reserveObjects(objectCount, componentCountsPerType) to preallocate data for objects and components, speeding up spawning without the need to manually pool objects
  • Added WL.AnimationComponent.speed
  • Made WL.Mesh.vertexData and WL.Mesh.indexData return read only data
  • Made WL.onXRSessionStart, WL.onXRSessionEnd and WL.onSceneLoaded robust against exceptions thrown during callbacks
  • Fixed WL.Mesh.indexData
  • Various smaller doc fixes
Last Update: April 6, 2022

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