Release 0.8.1

Release 0.8.1

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With this version we switch away from license keys and instead require you to log in. Previous versions are therefore no longer available.



  • Added folder for extra files to copy when packaging


  • Fixed selection of recent projects in Project Wizard
  • Fixed textures with missing images being packaged
  • Fixed undo of transform of different objects elections undoing all at once
  • Fixed missing table header “simplify” in Meshes tab of Resources View
  • Fixed missing shortcut label for Delete in Scene Outline context menus


  • Fixed invalid WebXR input poses causing poses to be applied from wrong input sources
  • Fixed loading causing jumps in physics simulation
  • Fixed entering/exiting VR causing jumps in physics simulation


  • Fixed children of rigid bodies not following their parent
Last Update: March 1, 2021

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