Release 0.8.0

Release 0.8.0

PhysX integration, Bloom post processing and a large list of workflow improvements - especially when working with many objects.



  • Added physics based on NVidia PhysX 4.1
    • Added “physx” native component for kinematic, static and dynamic rigid bodies with support for TriangleMesh, ConvexMesh, Sphere, Capsule, Box, and Plane shapes, collision filtering and callbacks
    • Added collision filtering with renameable groups
    • Added “Simulate Physics” in Debug menu of Scene View
    • Added “Physics” tab to project settings
  • Added bloom post processing
  • Added runtime collision component visualization
  • Added animation packing to reduce animation data sizes
  • Added mesh simplification and optimization
  • Experimental WebAssembly SIMD support


  • Added HDR and Bloom rendering options in Project Settings
  • Added option to toggle runtime collider visualization in Project Settings
  • Added statistics on resource sizes after packaging
  • Implemented redundant linear keyframe removal to reduce animation size
  • Added Ctrl + D for duplicate
  • Made Scene View copy&paste behavior consistent with Scene Outline
  • Added Shift-select for ranges in Scene Outline
  • Added support for multiple objects when deleting
  • Added support for multiple objects when translating and rotating in Scene View
  • Added support for multiple objects when copy&pasting
  • Added support for reparenting multiple objects in Scene Outline
  • Added “Duplicate” and “Paste as Child”
  • Fixed auto scrolling in Console View
  • Added B for box selection
  • Added Ctrl + Shift + Click to snap selected object to another
  • Added Q/E for up and down camera movement in scene view
  • Fixed F to focus an object
  • Added import scaling for meshes, apply in resources view
  • Fixed undo after adding objects through Scene Outline > Right-Click > Add Object > …
  • Fixed undo after paste leaving empty objects behind
  • Fixed undo of deleting hierarchies
  • Added deselection when clicking on selected objects in Scene View
  • Fixed newly created light components not affecting Scene View
  • Split “Reset Transformation” in Properties into its three parts
  • Added --preferences for overriding preferences file


  • Added Box with Box overlap query support
  • Raycasts against collider components are now sorted by distance
  • Fixed memory corruption when more than 4 colliders intersect in a ray cast
  • Implemented packing for animations, reducing their size by up to 60%
  • Fixed jitter on very close objects
  • Fixed potential seams along tiling textures


  • Implemented collider visualization
  • Fixed external dependency on wasm-featuredetect script
  • Optimized runtime size further
  • Microsoft Hololens 2 support
    • Made hit-test feature optional for WebXR AR
    • Allow stereo rendering in WebXR AR also


  • Added PhysXComponent
  • Added WL.Physics, WL.physics and WL.physics.rayCast()
  • Fixed WL.Animation.duration
  • Fixed WL.Skin.inverseBindScalings
  • Fixed crashes WL.Object.children
  • Added support for params on WL.Object.addComponent() with native components

JavaScript Components

  • Fixed hover behavior on cursor
  • Updated hand-tracking to latest changes in the WebXR Hand Input API
  • Added clicked object and cursor to parameters passed to cursor-target params
  • Made cursor create a .globalTarget cursor-target component which allows calling callbacks for any clicked object
Last Update: February 17, 2021

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