Release 0.7.6

Release 0.7.6

A set of fixes and convenience improvements, especially around selections in the scene outline, selecting and copying console output, some scene import improvements and optimizations.

Noteable also the addition of the ray input type, which allows the cursor to now raycast with the correct orientation offsets on Oculus Quest.



  • Fixed crash when deleting object through context menu in scene outline
  • Fixed scene view rendering broken on AMD cards
  • Validate type of JavaScript component parameter default values
  • Fix FBX import broken due to missing dll on Windows
  • Made Console text selectable and copyable
  • Added context menu for components with Delete, Edit Source and Documentation
  • Fixed child objects sometimes not imported
  • Made Scene Outline nodes only open when clicking arrow
  • Made Scene Outline nodes auto open for selected nodes
  • Now using Metalness for Phong shininess
  • Now using Glossiness or Roughness for Phong specularColor alpha instead of shininess
  • Made materials non-specular by default
  • Float values now drag in 0.1 increments
  • Fixed migration of 0.7.4 sourcePath property
  • Added project setting for editor scene view camera near and far


  • Added left/right ray input types to input component
  • Fixed child reference to parent invalid after delete or reparent in rare cases
  • Fixed incorrect text rendered after deactivating/activating a text component
  • Fixed last child of an object not correctly marked dirty in rare cases
  • Fixed text rendering performance when only changing one of many components
  • Optimize by efficiently flushing WebGL commands
  • Added ambientFactor property to Phong (default 0.05)


  • Fixed texts not updating after becoming active
  • Fixed rendering incorrect views when VR/AR button was pressed during loading screen
  • Added ‘hand-tracking’ WebXR feature to list of optional features


  • Added WL.InputType.RayLeft and WL.InputType.RayRight
  • Now calling WL.onXRSessionStart after every scene load
  • Greatly improved documentation, especially cross-linking

JS Components

  • Improved howler-* components
  • Added documentation to all components
  • hand-tracking: Added the final joint for display
  • hand-tracking: Fixed .hasPose
Last Update: December 30, 2020

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