Release 0.7.4

Release 0.7.4

Further fixes and workflow improvements to 0.7.x



  • Added pixel format to error message encountered when trying to load unsupported image formats
  • Added warning for missing linked images
  • Image compression now continues with remaining images after failing compression on one
  • Fixed mesh file links not migrated properly
  • Fixed migration of null values in collision group property in old project files
  • Fixed Preferences view collapsed on first open
  • Fixed --package CLI argument not awaiting asset compilation


  • Fixed rare cases of input component transformations affecting other input types
  • Fixed sometimes incorrect computation of absolute from local transforms of single objects


  • Fixed JavaScript components assigned to wrong objects, e.g. when JavaScript components were deactivated in the editor
  • Fixed far/near parameter of view component not affecting classic view
  • Fixed names not created for new objects created via JavaScript leading to crashes


  • Added WL.Object.children
  • WL.Object.getComponents() without an argument now returns all components on an object
  • Added WL.Object.rotateAxisAngleRad() and WL.Object.rotateAxisAngleRadObject()
  • Added WL.InputComponent.xrInputSource
  • Added WL.InputComponent.handedness

JS Components

  • cursor/mouse-look: Update to use new API functions
Last Update: November 3, 2020

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