Release 0.7.3

Release 0.7.3

Fixes and convenience improvements and WebAssembly threads support.

WebAssembly Threads 

Learn more about the newly added support for WebAssembly threads in our “WebAssembly Threads” blog post.



  • Added editor preferences to control project unrelated settings
  • Added Preference View
  • Fixed browser reloading multiple times after packaging or JavaScript file change
  • Fixed import of animation components
  • Make web server return 404 when it cannot find a file
  • Added “source” columns to Animations and Skins
  • Fixed some objects not resolved after removing a scene file
  • Fixed incorrect light colors on initial project load
  • Fixed parenting not saved when scene loaded via drag&drop onto object
  • Fixed loading of projects with missing animations
  • Fixed Console View showing errors as info if errors are disabled
  • Fixed crash when watched file is removed
  • Improvements to UI style
  • Made file links in project files consistent
  • Fixed collision group property migration not applied for 0.6.x projects
  • Added “Unpack” function in Asset Browser file context menu for supported archives/package formats


  • Fixed animations jumping when allocating new animation components
  • Fixed animations resetting scaling/rotation/translation if no keyframes set them
  • Fixed Sphere-AxisAlignedBoundingBox and Sphere-Box intersection math


  • Implemented support for WebAssembly threads
  • Fixed rendering stalls while loading scene by transcoding Basis textures in thread when threads are available


  • Improved performance of various methods by reusing temporary memory
  • Added WL.Object.rotateAxisAngleDegObject() and WL.Object.rotateObject() to rotate object in object space
  • Added WL.Object.getForward(), WL.Object.getUp() and WL.Object.getRight() to efficiently retrieve forward/up/right direction vectors of an object
  • Fixed object transformations not being properly recalculated with WL.Object.getTranslationWorld()
  • Fixed setter for WL.AnimationComponent.animation
Last Update: October 30, 2020

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