Release 0.7.2

Release 0.7.2

Fixes and convenience improvements for 0.7.0 and 0.7.1.

The JavaScript API documentation was improved to specify types of input params and return types.


  • Added Scene View toolbar for transformation gizmo selection
  • Added snapping for translation, rotation and scaling
  • Fixed occasional crash due to skinning initialization
  • Fixed double-click in Asset Browser when filepath contains spaces on Windows
  • Changed /objects/components/collision/groups to be int instead of bool array to fix collision groups not packaged correctly
  • Fixed JavaScript params not set to null when - none - was selected in editor
  • Fixed Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Z for undo not registered
  • Fixed crashes when deleting objects
  • Fixed selection sometimes not working in Scene View
  • Added button to reset transformation of object
  • Added very basic copy & pasting of objects in Scene Outline
  • Allowed object picker to pick Scene Outline objects
  • Fixed textures with the same name in different files overwriting each other
  • Fixed Delete key not working in Scene Outline
  • Fixed occasional crash in Scene Outline when holding Down key
  • Fixed name not changed if custom path is selected in project wizard
  • Fixed vertex shaders showing up in Material shader property combo box
  • Fixed deleted objects showing up in Object combo boxes
  • Moved application files out of default projects directory into %APPDATA%\WonderlandEngine on Windows, ~/.WonderlandEngine on Linux and ~/Library/Application Support/WonderlandEngine on MacOS


  • Added very basic fog/fogColor to Phong shader
  • Fixed Phong shader sun lights and point light specular highlights
  • Fixed batching of unindexed meshes
  • Added workaround for compressed texture subimage upload broken with certain offsets on Oculus Quest and some compressed formats on desktop
  • Fixed shader warnings at startup
  • Reduced amount of shader compilations
  • Fixed Sphere-AABB/Sphere-Box collision math


  • Fixed runtime only using two lights of the scene
  • Improved performance of WL.Object.transformationWorld, will now only recompute the required transformations
  • Fixed view component near/far not affecting WebXR projection matrix


  • Fixed WL.Object.getTranslationLocal() and WL.Object.getTranslationWorld()
  • Fixed WL.Object.setTranslationLocal() and WL.Object.setTranslationWorld()
  • Added set WL.InputComponent.inputType
  • Improved documentation and added types to params and return types
Last Update: October 19, 2020

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