Release 0.7.1

Release 0.7.1

Hotfixes for the 0.7.0 release.


  • Fixed texture thumbnails
  • Fixed crash in Resources view for projects with missing resources
  • Fixed meshes with same name in different files overwriting each other
  • Fixed Skins not renameable in Resources view
  • Fixed packaging output not showing in Console view


  • Fixed translation offset on skinned meshes
  • Optimized data upload to GPU for skinning
  • Fixed Skinning on Oculus Quest
  • Reduced object allocation for shaders to converve uniform block memory


  • Now handling JavaScript component exceptions from update(), start() and init()
  • Fixed incorrect shaders set for some materials
  • Fixed recent font-rendering binary size optimization crashing the runtime
  • Minor optimizations to reduce binary size
  • Fixed object names not being loaded and often crashing JavaScript components
  • Fixed start() not called on components after exception thrown in one

JS Components

  • hand-tracking: Added support for skinned mesh based hands


  • Added WL.Skin
  • Added
Last Update: October 8, 2020

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