Release 0.7.0

Release 0.7.0


  • Added Animation import
  • Added Skinned mesh and skin import (.gltf and .glb only)
  • Added “animation” component to play animations
  • Added loading screen for faster first paint
  • Added “Skins”, “Animations” and “Shaders” tabs in Resources view
  • Added experimental “Particle” shader
  • Added drag&drop-ability to resources in Resource view


  • Fixed space in project name causing issues with WebServer
  • Fixed crash when importing non-orthogonal object transforms
  • Fixed crash when property view is open on recently deleted object
  • Fixed crash on shutdown with running WebServer
  • Fixed new shaders not appearing for existing projects
  • Fixed crash when missing shaders are referenced
  • Fixed crash when deleting without selected object
  • Fixed objects with duplicate names not openable in Scene Outline
  • Fixed missing user-feedback when opening a project without license
  • Added project relative js folder to default project script paths
  • Fixed selection of “- none -” resources
  • Fixed crashes related to mesh groups not created for all shaders
  • Ubuntu: Fixed huge assimp binary bloating editor download size
  • MacOS: Switched shortcuts from “Ctrl” to “Cmd” key
  • MacOS: Removed “TestEngine” view


  • Fixed raycast onto Sphere also raycasting backwards
  • Fixed raycast onto Box and AABB
  • Fixed queryOverlaps for Sphere-Sphere
  • Fixed mesh transformations reset after certain amount of new meshes spawned
  • Switched to font subset to reduce download size
  • Minified glMatrix
  • Updated howler.js to 2.2.0
  • Fixed race between scene and font loading sometimes causing text to not appear

JS Components

  • cursor: Fixed cursorObject scaling and ray offset on quest


  • Added WL.Animation and WL.AnimationComponent
  • Added WL.xrSession
  • Added WL.onXRSessionStart and WL.onXRSessionEnd callback lists
  • Added WL.Object.getTranslationLocal(), WL.Object.getTranslationWorld(), WL.Object.setTranslationLocal(), WL.Object.setTranslationWorld methods for convenience
  • Added WL.Object.resetScaling() and WL.Object.resetTranslationRotation()
  • Fixed float material params
Last Update: September 29, 2020

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