Wonderland Engine Pricing Reveal

Wonderland Engine Pricing Reveal

A lot of thought went into the pricing for Wonderland Engine. We want to share some of these thoughts with you.

It is very difficult to put a price on an application that is still early in development. Currently it is more about supporting us on our journey, which means you will get a great early supporter deal.

We will start by describing the professional license and explain how we arrived at the final price.


As a freelancer in the WebXR space, you earn between 30-160€ per hour. That depends heavily on the region you live in, your skills, your clients and a lot more.

With the current price of 67€/month, you can recoup the license cost if Wonderland Engine helps you save at least 2 hours per month.

The final price of 268€/month assumes that Wonderland Engine is stable and increases your productivity by e.g. 50%. That means with a monthly revenue of 3000€, you could now make 4500€, easily recouping the license.

Why is Professional more than Community? 

Client projects often call for “white-labeling”. That is removing the origin and branding of the engine to allow the client’s users to focus on the client’s brand only.

That means we loose the “word of mouth” for these applications. If professionals make great WebXR apps with Wonderland Engine - and they most certainly will - no one will know their origin.

This is necessary and totally okay with us. But Wonderland Engine will not be able to grow with your success in the way that the Community version would help us to.

Entrepreneurs and freelancers will be able to recoup the license costs almost trivially compared to Community. They are also dependent on the engine improving and on reliable support.


The Community is a big reason of why we started Wonderland Engine in the first place. We want to see bigger and better WebXR games! We want more ideas for VR apps to see the light of day.

Since monetization on the Web is still difficult, recouping the license cost is not as easy as it is for professionals.

As a WebXR games developer, you might make something between 10-300€ off of ads per month. You could sell your WebXR app, but that is still unlikely to find an audience.

The power of the web lies in its platform independence and connected audience reach. Free business models like in-game monetization strategies and ads are a great way to monetize your content while offering your game for free and reaching the biggest audience.

Still, until the infrastructure for this is built in WebXR, this remains an investment into the future for the Community.

We therefore offer the Community version at a very low price, especially since the awesome apps you produce with Wonderland Engine will help reaching more developers and getting the engine known.

Community Automation 

The Wonderland Engine Docker image is a professional feature that allows building Wonderland Engine projects on Continuous integration. You could, for example, automatically deploy your app to Gitlab or GitHub pages.

This feature could be very useful to Community Developers, though, which is why we are considering to provide this feature with a small upgrade to the Community license.

If you are interested, please reach out.


Wonderland Engine is still in early development. We suggest you use the Community version to start working and learning with the engine, even as a professional, until the Engine provides industry grade stability.

If you want to accelerate the development of the engine, please do support us by purchasing a Professional license early.

Last Update: September 29, 2020

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