Royalty-free up to 120,000 USD per year

By switching to a royalty based license model, we made Wonderland Engine way more accessible to many more developers.

Today, we are taking the next big step: we are making Wonderland Engine free to use commercially for individuals. And significantly more affordable for small companies.


Freelancers, indie developers and hobbyists build the foundation of any development platform. They already give back: bug reports, open-source content and the support they provide for new members in the community are extremely valuable to anyone using Wonderland Engine.


With the changes to our EULA we replace the previous thresholds for revenue affected by royalty with a clear and simple model:

  • The revenue threshold is now per company.
  • 120,000 USD revenue per year from Wonderland Engine projects are royalty-free.
  • Any revenue from Wonderland Engine projects beyond the threshold in a year is subject to the 10% royalty fee.

As previously, revenue is considered after platform fees.

Last Update: May 31, 2023

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