.constructor() ⇒ math 

math.cubicHermite<T>(out: T, a: Readonly<NumberArray>, b: Readonly<NumberArray>, c: Readonly<NumberArray>, d: Readonly<NumberArray>, f: number, engine: WonderlandEngine) ⇒ T 


(Experimental!) Cubic Hermite spline interpolation for vector3 and quaternions.

With f == 0, out will be b, if f == 1, out will be c.

Whether a quaternion or vector3 interpolation is intended is determined by length of a.

Returns: The out parameter.

outTArray to write result to.
aReadonly<NumberArray>First tangent/handle.
bReadonly<NumberArray>First point or quaternion.
cReadonly<NumberArray>Second point or quaternion.
dReadonly<NumberArray>Second handle.
fnumberInterpolation factor in [0; 1].
Template ParamType Definition
Textends NumberArray