WonderlandEditor CLI

To allow packaging project on Continuous Integration and to allow developers a even more efficient workflow, the Wonderland Editor provides a Command Line Interface (CLI).


The main WonderlandEditor executable contains UI as well as CLI functionality. It is located in the bin/ folder of your installation.

CLI Arguments 

 1WonderlandEditor [--magnum-...] [-h|--help]
 2  [--project PROJECT] [--windowless]
 3  [-p|--package] [-b|--benchmark]
 4  [-o|--output OUTPUT] [-s|--server] [-w|--watch]
 5  [--accept-eula] [--credentials CREDENTIALS]
 6  [--preferences PREFERENCES] [--import IMPORT]
 9  -h, --help                 display this help message and exit
10  --project PROJECT          Project to load at startup
11  --windowless               Use the editor without window (e.g. for automated builds)
12  -p, --package              Package the project
13  -b, --benchmark            Benchmark the project
14  -o, --output OUTPUT        Package project to given destination
15  -s, --server               Start the web server
16  -w, --watch                Watch JavaScript files
17  --accept-eula              Use this if you agree with the terms in the EULA
18  --credentials CREDENTIALS  Credentials
19  --preferences PREFERENCES  Path to a preferences.json file to override default
20  --import IMPORT            Import a scene


Here are some useful commands to automate some workflows:

Package Your Project via CLI 

1WonderlandEditor --windowless --project MyProject.wlp --package

Coding Without the Editor 

1WonderlandEditor --windowless --project MyProject.wlp --server --watch

Convert a Scene To Streamable .bin 

To convert a scene file (e.g. a GLTF file) into a streamable .bin file, create an empty project Streamable.wlp and enable Views > Project Settings > packageForStreaming.

Now you can use the following command to convert a GLTF file:

1WonderlandEditor --windowless --project Streamable.wlp --package --import my-scene.glb
2mv deploy/Streamable.bin my-scene.bin

On windows, use move instead of mv.