Web is the METAVERSE.

Wonderland Cloud.

Create easy metaverse locations on the web with Wonderland Engine.


Your options for Wonderland Cloud servers.


For anyone.

  • Rapid iteration.
  • Server live during development.
  • Live reloads changes.
Get started today.


For anyone.

  • 20+ users.
  • Easy setup.
  • Custom server code.
  • Low latency.
per month.


Specialized for VR.

  • High-performance Spatial Audio (HRTF).
  • 16+ users.
  • Custom server code.
  • Low latency.
20 USD
per month.

Build on Wonderland Cloud.

Our cloud services are optimized for web games, metaverse and VR on the web (WebXR).

Custom Server Code.

Run your custom app or game logic on the server with our TypeScript/JavaScript APIs or just deploy our examples.

Optimized Spatial Audio.

Wonderland Cloud provides server-side spatial (HRTF) audio mixing for up to 16+ players, greatly reducing bandwidth and performance.

Rapid Workflow.

Iterate with a live server, automatically deploying changes in seconds when you change a file.