What is Wonderland Engine

Wonderland Engine is a development platform for web-based graphics applications. It comes with an accessible 3D editor application – the Wonderland Editor – and an efficient WebAssembly based runtime that runs in the browser.

Develop more rapidly, iterate faster, flow 

The visual editor allows convenient setup of 3D scenes and comes with an integrated live-reloading webserver for almost instant feedback on your changes. Leverage the iteration times of the web.

Import 3D assets into the Wonderland Editor and then export your game to view in the browser in milliseconds.

Make a code or scene change and see it reflected in the browser in milliseconds.

Increase the scope of your WebXR projects 

Wonderland Engine’s optimized WebAssembly-based runtime and shaders allow you to do more in your WebXR and 3D apps.

Better performance means more meshes, more textures, more animations.

Better performance means more development time for your actual app. You are great at creating? Then let us handle the optimizing!

Integrate anything you can do in a browser 

Our JavaScript/TypeScript API allows any JavaScript library and Browser API. Implement custom, reusable components and configure them in the editor.

This way, artists can easily make use of code that developers built.

Is It For You? 

Wonderland Engine allows building more complex 3D applications for the web.

If you value efficient workflows and performance for a smooth WebXR experience over fancy custom visual effects, give Wonderland Engine a try!